Brier Hill Gallery offers fine prints, illustrated books, and limited-edition publications, specializing primarily in 20th and 21st century works. While familiar names are well represented, we seek and promote the work of highly talented - if less well known - men and women who merit the attention of fellow print enthusiasts. We do business primarily on line, but if you live in or near Boston, we would be pleased to meet you. Please call 617-469-9669 to arrange an appointment.

Fine art need not be prohibitively expensive. Because a work produced in multiples is generally more affordable than unique images of similar caliber, our offerings consist almost exclusively of prints. The present inventory had its more modest beginnings as my personal collection, inspired at first by the work of the great Fritz Eichenberg. In time, the collection grew to include prints by many talented artists, and now forms the core of the gallery's inventory, enhanced from time to time by purchases from individuals, fellow deallers, and at auctions here and in Europe.

This site displays our print inventory in its entirety, and is updated as new items are added. Our first publication (James Reid - Selected Wood Engravings) is described under the Publications heading. Our book inventory is a work in progress and will be completed as time permits.

Our Facebook page ( is a useful place to check occasionally for selected recent additions. Art is, if anything, highly subjective, so Brier Hill Gallery is surely a reflection of the tastes and prejudices that formed my collection. If you like what you see here, I'll be pleased to work with you.

Robert Strossi